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  • Coney Green Networkcentre

    Coney Green Networkcentre
    Wingfield View
    Clay Cross
    S45 9HX

  • Mansfield Networkcentre

    Mansfield Networkcentre
    Millennium Business Park
    Concorde Way
    NG19 7JZ

  • Shireoaks Networkcentre

    Shireoaks Networkcentre
    Shireoaks Triangle
    Coach Crescent
    S81 8AD

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I need to provide?

Before we agree terms we will require information from you some of which will be included in the application form, such as:

  • What name will you be taking the lease in
  • Proof of the registration of your company and its current trading address
  • Financial situation of your company such as 3 years' audited accounts
  • Proof of your identity and your address
  • Personal/trade references

We need some of this information to comply with the current UK money laundering regulations. It also helps us to decide whether we need to ask for additional security from you such as a deposit, or some form of guarantee agreement.

Agreeing terms

Having viewed the premises and submitted your application, you can then agree specific lease terms with the Property Manager. Network Space offers a range of flexible terms depending on your covenant strength and the size of premises ensuring that the terms of the lease can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The terms out in writing known as Heads of Terms and include:

  • A description of the property being leased
  • The permitted use
  • Length of lease
  • The initial rent to be paid, including any rent steps at the agreed rate
  • Any deposits or other forms of security that will be taken
  • Service charge or facilities charge
  • Insurance costs
  • Repairing responsibilities
  • Arrangements to cover any alterations you may wish to make to the property
  • Any special terms agreed
  • Restriction relating to subletting or transferring the lease to a third party
  • Rent review provisions
How long do I have to sign up for?

Network Space's standard leases are designed to provide the flexibility you need for your business. Some of our sites are structured to offer terms as short as 1 year with other sites offering 3, 5 and 10 year leases.

At what stage will I have to provide a deposit?

Any deposit will be collected upon completion of the lease and returned in full at the end of the term provided that the terms and conditions contained in the lease have been complied with.

When will I receive the lease?

Once the Heads of Terms have been agreed by you, the Property Manager will arrange for two copies of the tenancy agreement to be sent to you. You will need to sign and return BOTH copies for us to complete. Our leases are intended to be easily understood but should you wish to instruct your solicitor to act for you, we will require their name and contact details.

Are there any other costs?

Dependent upon the unit/office/ building, either a service charge or facilities charge will be payable either quarterly or monthly with your normal rental payments. At the time of letting a one off charge is also payable for administration/documentation costs.

What is the service charge?

Larger premises are usually let on one of our standard leases and a service charge is payable under the terms of the lease towards the landlord’s costs of maintaining and managing common areas of the estate. This would be a fair proportion towards the costs of providing services such as landscaping, estate cleaning and lighting, road/footpath repairs, and any security provision.

What is the facilities charge?

Smaller premises are normally occupied on one of our flexible tenancy agreements, which include a provision to collect a facilities charge to pay towards the running costs of the building, estate and the insurance of the buildings. This is a fixed monthly charge which is not reconciled annually as a service charge is.


It is important to know that the building insurance does NOT cover your contents and you will need to arrange your own contents insurance policy. The insurance premium is invoiced annually.


VAT is chargeable, if you or your company are normally able to recover VAT from HMRC on the supplies of goods and services you receive, then we would expect you to be able to recover the VAT charges that we have to pass on to you.

Do I need to pay the business rates and how much will they be?

Yes. Business rates, otherwise known as Non-Domestic Rates, are payable to the Local Authority for any occupation of commercial property. As soon as you take occupation of the unit/office/building the Local Authority should be informed.

When can I collect the keys and move in?

Once the lease has completed, the Property Manager will arrange to meet you on site to complete a handover. Meter readings will be taken and you will be provided with all necessary keys, and a Welcome Pack detailing contacts within Network Space.

How do I arrange my utilities, e.g. gas, water and electricity?

In most circumstance the utilities are payable direct to the relevant utility companies, and you have the right to choose your own supplier(s). As soon as you take occupation of your unit/office/building, readings should be taken and provided to the relevant supplier. In a small number of cases there may only be one main supply to the site, with sub-meters in each unit/office/ building. In these circumstances, regular readings will be taken and you will be invoiced separately by us for the proportion of utilities applicable to your unit/office/building.

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